#ImThankfulFor 5 Months Of Girl Tyler Support

Thanksgiving is taking on an entirely different meaning for me. Today is the first time in four years that I am not working.

With that being said, five months ago today, I walked away from my job.

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I kept my resignation under wraps for the first month or so, because I wasn’t ready to tell my story and quickly realized I didn’t have to explain myself to people. After word got out about my bold decision to step out on faith, the inquiries began. Surprisingly, the questions weren’t coming from people who were being nosey, instead individuals who were eager to see what my next move would be.

On the days where I couldn’t quite figure out what the heck I was doing or became frustrated about a project, someone always sent me the right words to remind me of my purpose.



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Most days, I am writing about random thoughts in my head, and as I type I never think the words would mean something to someone.


A dialogue about my life, that others appear to be living or had lived.


A college friend sent this message after I posted my blog post about resigning and it absolutely changed my world.


Once I began opening up and living out my authenticity, blessings began flowing tremendously. Because I am starting over, and learning the tricks of the trade, so many professionals have offered me their expertise free of charge. People who follow me on Twitter have even been pivotal in my growth. I haven’t exactly marketed myself as much as I probably should, instead amazing contacts have referred me to gigs and positioned me to be in the room with all the right individuals.

For instance I was at this photo shoot. *insert swoon*


Great people, just giving me a chance.


And I can’t forget lifelong Internet friends promoting me to their Internet friends.


So today, I’ve written this long unorganized post, just to say how blessed I am to have people constantly praying with me (shout out to my Stolen Lunches gals) and genuinely supporting my craft, without the expectation of anything in return. Even if you’ve ever said “I love your blog!”, those words mean everything to me.

Just the other night a friend said, “you’re glowing”. It’s a spirit of peace and gratefulness that you’re all seeing.


In closing, I am thankful for the first time in 27 years of having a space to be me. Be Original. Be Free. Be You!

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