27 Things I Think

In honor of my 27th birthday on tomorrow, here are a list of my thoughts. One for every year.

27. I think Twitter is one big Comedy Central. If you are a frequent tweeter, follow me.

26. I think the entire six seasons of “A Different World” should be available on DVD as opposed to just the first two. Quit playing Carsey Werner and release them.

25. I think integrity is when who you are in front of everyone else falls in line with what you send in private messages. Screenshots ruin lives everyday.

24. I think women over 25 should not flaunt themselves in Forever 21 clothing. (Update 4:25 p.m.: I also think I am a big hypocrite for giving such advice when I just bought a hat and a shirt from there.

23. I think N’Sync should have never split. Yes, I expect men in their 30’s & 40’s to still perform to choreographed moves in matching outfits to invigorate my musical desires. It works for Boyz II Men.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

22. I think this list is harder than I thought it would be.

21. I think we (women) sometimes aid double standards. Don’t pick and choose when and how which man can disrespect you. I echo the same sentiment with the music we listen to and the artists we choose to support.

20. I think I just ruffled someone’s feathers with #21.

19. I think we rarely give people enough space to be themselves.

18. I think Bruce Jenner is glorified for the wrong reasons, ultimately putting extra money in his pockets for a gawk show. He is not the first person to be himself and will not be the last. Yes, I know the proper reference these days is “Caitlin Jenner”. However, Bruce had to come first in order to become Caitlin. Now, I’m confused.

17. I think society spends too much time on creating sexual images and not enough time mentioning how  unprotected sex can be your choice between life and death.

16. I think Starbucks is overpriced. Smaller coffee shops are known to have phenomenal coffee. Go support them.

15. I [don’t] think Michael Jackson was the greatest vocalist, rather a better entertainer. My opinion though.

14. I think Kris Jenner is a madame to her daughters. Who build’s an empire from their daughter’s lady parts? Kim & Ray J’s sex tape: Smart marketing or bad parenting?

Photo Credit: MadameNoire.com
Photo Credit: MadameNoire.com

13. I think Ray J’s performance in the sex tape is what ultimately destroyed his career.

Photo Credit: Giphy
Photo Credit: Giphy

12. I think everyone should experience at least one year of college. One year, away from home, on your own in an uncomfortable setting. Freshman year of college sets the tone for character building. My first years was hell, creating my armor of thick skin.

11. I think we put too much stock into the wrong opinions.

10. I think had Aaliyah lived, ya’ll would say, “Bey who?”.

9. I think Chris Brown is the Bobby Brown of my generation. His prerogative gets too much attention. Such talent, wasted.

8. I think our crime rate would be much lower if we invested in children. Mentor. Sign up to be a lunch buddy. Teach them a sport. Read a book. Your time can be the light in which path they’ll travel.

7. I think “Straight Outta Compton” is the greatest film this year. I want the guy who played Dr. Dre to be my boyfriend.
giphy (3)

6. I think they don’t make gentlemen like Billy Dee Williams any more. If so, point me in the direction of him and his brother. Uncle too, if applicable.

Photo Credit: Giphy
Photo Credit: Giphy

5. I think Oprah should have me on her creative team.

4. I think there is no excuse for such a wealthy nation to have any starving children.

3. I think you should cut ties with any and everything that causes your heart despair. Your happiness shouldn’t be sold in exchange for a paycheck.

2. I think you are pretty damn awesome for reading this entire list. Thank you.

1. I think God is so good for allowing me to see another birthday.

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