That’s My Jam Thursday: Best of Me

“I should be walking away, ’cause his hands up on my thighs. Should I leave? Should I stay? After all, it’s just one night…”

Today’s “That’s My Jam Thursday” is Mya’s “Best of Me” featuring Jadakiss. This choice was inspired by Tuesday’s episode of Being Mary Jane. At the last minute, Mary Jane has the tough choice of walking away or chopping down Andre in the gym shower. Hmm.. what would you have done?

Sometimes you just can’t walk away, just get down with the get down — within reason.

“I can’t let you get the best of me even though deep inside something’s dying to see, how you flow out them clothes and you put it on me. Feelings coming on strong. I know that it’s wrong. I can’t let you get the best of me.”

It’s nice to hear a woman speak out on her sexual desires in a tasteful manner.

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