5 Years without Maw Maw

Last night, I collapsed to the floor the same way I did exactly 5 years ago when my mother broke the news that my grandmother had left this Earth. It hit me like a ton of bricks for more reasons than the fact that I would never be able to

10 Signs You Haven’t Quite Grown Up Since College

Coming to grips with post-undergraduate life is a scary thought. Four years, maybe six for others, have flown by and the crap that you once pulled, quickly becomes unacceptable the moment that you take on a real job. Old habits certainly die hard even 10 years after graduation. Check out this

That’s My Jam Thursday: Quality Time

Thanks to Unsung on TV One, I am a humongous fan of Hi-Five. As a kid, I only remember hearing "Kissing Game" and "She's Playing Hard to Get" on the radio. After watching last year's documentary, I became a huge admirer of their music. Watching this particular showed a series

That’s My Jam Thursday: Renee

"A ghetto love is the law that we live by. Day by day, I wonder why my shorty had to die. I reminisce over my ghetto princess, everyday. Give it up for my shorty."Imagine 7-year-old Tyler walking around, singing those lyrics. It happened, partially because my older sister exposed me

It Pays to Google Yourself

What a pretty neat throwback to come across on this Thursday! Last year, I spoke at my alma mater Winthrop University at a cultural event with 50+ students. That was a huge number for someone who has a humongous fear of public speaking. Those who know me would say that

That’s My Jam Thursday: Reader’s Pick

Today's That's My Jam Thursday goes out to Danielle Lennon, owner of Leola and Simone and also one of my faithful readers. I ran into her last weekend and she completely warmed my heart by saying that she keeps up with my blogs. So much so, that she even looks

It’s Time to Revisit Hillman College

 Twenty years later, and it's still a different world from where you come from. It's safe to say that I am not the only fan longing to see a 2014 adaptation of the Hillman College crew on the small screen. A reunion is long overdue. In a recent interview, legendary director and