9 Days of No TV…How Sway!?!

During an editorial meeting three weeks ago, a writer needed help with a post that required throwback TV knowledge. My editor quickly said, "Collaborate with Tyler, she is a TV aficionado." My reaction. Yes, I am a human pop of video of television. I'm sitting on random facts about shows that people

Gabrielle Union’s Response to Stacey Dash is Spot-On

By now, we've learned not to put much stock into Stacey Dash and her empty knowledge. Last week, she made a mockery of herself by insisting networks like BET and Black awards shows be boycotted. Pure comedy ensued when Twitter collectively dragged the Fox News corresponded and her entire career.

Because of Oprah…My Life in Her Quotes

9. Because of Oprah I know that "Doubt means no". 8. Because of Oprah I "Think like a queen".7. Because of Oprah I realize that "You can have it all. You just can't have it all at once" 6. Because of Oprah I can "Learn from every mistake because every