When The Anxiety Attacks Your Love Life

Photo Credit: VH1 I was an 18-year-old fool blinded by love as we all have been at some point in our lives. I’m okay with admitting it now, because as women, we all have that ONE person that makes us completely lose good common sense and rationality for a chance at

There is More than What Meets the Vagina

Photo Credit: Rolling Stone Back in February, I made the decision to publicly share about my decision to abstain from sex. I can't quite call it celibacy because life is a crazy thing and shit just happens sometimes. Who knows what's next? I just show up for life and pray for

"With This Ring" Proposes How Desperate Women Can Get

“And the moment you realize that the statistical, 1 in 2 black women who will never get married is you.”Two minutes in and already you can hear your internal clock ticking like a time bomb. This line from With This Ring likely speaks volumes to any career driven, hopeless romantic

Being Mary Jane: One Woman Circus

Be an effective, around the clock therapist for your friends. Show him that you're all in and down for whatever. Make time to be the glue that keeps the family together. Remain true to yourself, at all costs, even if your job is on the line. Put on a happy