Gabrielle Union’s Response to Stacey Dash is Spot-On

By now, we've learned not to put much stock into Stacey Dash and her empty knowledge. Last week, she made a mockery of herself by insisting networks like BET and Black awards shows be boycotted. Pure comedy ensued when Twitter collectively dragged the Fox News corresponded and her entire career.

"With This Ring" Proposes How Desperate Women Can Get

“And the moment you realize that the statistical, 1 in 2 black women who will never get married is you.”Two minutes in and already you can hear your internal clock ticking like a time bomb. This line from With This Ring likely speaks volumes to any career driven, hopeless romantic

That’s My Jam Thursday: Best of Me

"I should be walking away, 'cause his hands up on my thighs. Should I leave? Should I stay? After all, it's just one night..."Today's "That's My Jam Thursday" is Mya's "Best of Me" featuring Jadakiss. This choice was inspired by Tuesday's episode of Being Mary Jane. At the last minute,

Being Mary Jane: One Woman Circus

Be an effective, around the clock therapist for your friends. Show him that you're all in and down for whatever. Make time to be the glue that keeps the family together. Remain true to yourself, at all costs, even if your job is on the line. Put on a happy