Why the word ‘pretty’ frightens me

There are some moments in life that are forever ingrained in your memories. First kiss, first day of school, first romance, first heartbreak, first paycheck, first home. The list of firsts goes on and on. My first humiliation is one that I can never get out of my head. Middle school

Shirley & Me: The End of An Era

Monday was my birthday. That moment when you realize God allowed you to wake up to see 28. Sanity and spirit still in place. I am unbroken. pic.twitter.com/sv6eFeAkWy — GirlTyler (@sheistyler) August 22, 2016 I celebrated the 8th anniversary of my 20th year of existence.. Each year on my birthday, not only do

This kind of TV show will make you feel better about being single

Friday evenings, once my inbox is cleared and the phone calls have diminished, I finally have time to breathe and reflect on my life. Exclusive image of me every Friday night. Yes, Friday nights a time when most 20-somethings are out getting shit faced and having meaningless sex, I am at home