That’s My Jam Thursday: Baby One More Time

I am totally late with these. Thursday is just a state of mind. It takes me so long to edit, as I figure out technical issues. I'm going to get it together. Excuse the dark video, I finally have a new camera that I am debuting soon. Enjoy, my take on

That’s My Jam Thursday: Sky is the Limit

Biggie needs no introduction. One of my favorite Biggie Smalls songs is "Sky is the Limit" featuring 112. This video is uber dope! As a kid, I was low key jealous of the other kids in the video. The cute thing about it, you could tell who was playing who!RIP

That’s My Jam Thursday: Loungin’

Ladies love cool James and so does Tyler. I could definitely appreciate his style, growing up in the 90's. He sure aimed to please. Typically, That's My Jam Thursday is reserved for old school and nostalgic purposes. LL Cool J remains on the scene as a familiar face even to