#GirlsWriteIn: BeYourOwnYoncé Photos Have Arrived

Pulling off this event would not have been possible without my rockstar team. HUGE thank yous to my project manager Crystal Starkes, my assistant Alexis Beckton and photographer, Cynthia Gordon. My beautiful panelists brought their A-game with loads of expertise in their respective industries. You ladies really made #GirlsWriteIn worth

Living with Royal Confidence

I did not start competing in pageants until the age of 17. Why did I start so late? Honestly, I thought pageants projected females in a negative light, and there was no way you would find me parading around on stage in an evening gown or better yet a two

#GirlsWriteIn Twitter Recap on Social Sharing

Another successful Twitter chat is in the books! Special thanks to my wonderful facilitators Bria (@briafel) and Kimberly (@fromawildflower). *Before I get to my recap, don't forget to lock in your space at #GirlsWriteIn: BeYourOwnYoncé! The discussion regarding social sharing, spent time dealing with how to maximize social media use as well

#GirlsWriteIn Twitter Recap On Audience Engagement

Another successful Twitter chat, and yes it was trending again! Thanks to the lovely ladies that showed up and dropped jewels Thursday night. I want to especially express my appreciation to my #GirlsWriteIn Twitter chat cohosts, @glamsaavy and @GaptoothDiva. The next #GirlsWriteIn is scheduled for March 24th @ 8:00 p.m./est. Please

Grab a Tissue for this Touching Kleenex Ad [VIDEO]

Think back to your childhood. Who was the one teacher or mentor that gave 100% of their prime existence to ensure you grew up live out your potential? Former students at Morgan Park High School in Illinois attribute their success to Ms. Gabrielyn Watson-Foster. Watch them surprise the beloved chorus teacher

President Obama Explains “We know it’s Black History Month When…” [VIDEO]

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images When you heard President Obama go poliratchet (politically ratchet) at a press conference on ISIS strategy last fall, the African diaspora knew what time it was. The first sitting President to use 'pop off' in regards to foreign policy. He's been rather buttoned up for the last seven years, and

#BlackGirlBadassery: Serena Williams Loses Australian Open with Grace [VIDEO]

Angelique Kerber beats out Serena Williams for the Australian Open title. 6-4, 3-6, 6-4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7if3l8yBDbE Not the news I wanted to wake up to on a Saturday morning. Serena Williams is a fan favorite with an impressive record to match, but she is most certainly not above defeat. How she handled the loss to

#GirlsWriteIn Twitter Recap on Focus and Procrastication

I told my roommate four months ago that I wanted to create a network and space for creatives; anyone under the spectrum of writers, bloggers and digital strategists. The only requirement, you must be a girl. Here, #GirlsWriteIn was born. Back in December, I hosted an event in Charlotte bringing