That Time I Was Escorted Out of Maya Angelou’s Funeral

Photo Credit: Wake Forest University Office of Creative Services As I type, I just released the biggest sigh of my life. My blog is my diary in which I allow readers to delve into my innermost thoughts. I can't hide from my truth. Life experiences often weigh me down with a spirit of

My Greatest Personal Sin Caught Up with Me

Last Wednesday, I woke up refreshed and in a strange, overly chipper mood. It wasn't the restful 10-hour slumber from the night before or the PayPal notifications chirping on my phone, signaling that my clients had paid their invoices. On this morning, I was happy just to be happy. I'm

5 Ways to Watch Your Favorite Shows While Skimping On Your Cable Bill

It started off as an easy $60 "promotional package" that somehow turned into $175 a month. Just like you, I too was suckered into paying an excessive amount for internet and cable, yet constantly struggling to find something good to watch. Then one day, a kind soul showed me a way

5 Stages of Paranoia When You Forget to Wax Before a Date

In the midst of swapping our daily giggles, a good friend of mine revealed something extremely personal about herself in a Facebook message that hit close to home. Her name has been removed for privacy concerns. I was like, damn son. I've been there. Consumed by life, neglecting the God forsaken hair growing

Why The Restroom Is The Come To Jesus Spot At A Crappy Job

I saw this poorly worded and misspelled meme on Instagram and it reminded me of my life less than a year ago. My stomach was constantly in knots like clockwork, every night at 4 a.m. just two hours before my incomplete newscast. Not to mention, my gastrointestinal system was programmed to

Being A Virtuous Woman With A Lustful Eye

We know how the saying goes, "the flesh is weak". It's our natural excuse to give credibility to reasons why we allow hidden desires to exercise authority in our lives. When we're caught being lustful, sex is typically the culprit. The thing is, lust isn't always sexual. The word is