This kind of TV show will make you feel better about being single

Friday evenings, once my inbox is cleared and the phone calls have diminished, I finally have time to breathe and reflect on my life. Exclusive image of me every Friday night. Yes, Friday nights a time when most 20-somethings are out getting shit faced and having meaningless sex, I am at home

Why Every Entrepreneur Has a “Whitty Huton” Shirt

If you grew up watching, Martin you know that he is chill deficient. The fictional Martin Payne navigated his late 20's/early 30's with absolutely no sense whatsoever. The silly antics, relationship drama, radio shenanigans and foolish friends made for a perfect 90's sitcom. Even in it's rerun glory, you won't

5 Ways to Watch Your Favorite Shows While Skimping On Your Cable Bill

It started off as an easy $60 "promotional package" that somehow turned into $175 a month. Just like you, I too was suckered into paying an excessive amount for internet and cable, yet constantly struggling to find something good to watch. Then one day, a kind soul showed me a way

Please Help Me Find Black Girls On TV

Your first grown up job is a pretty big deal, especially when 11.5 million people are watching you do it. With a shiny pair of slippers, huge pipes and a multi-talented cast with combined experience longer than she has been alive, Shanice Williams easily eased her way into the heart