4 Reasons why you should check out “Ride Along 2” (No Spoilers)

The brothers in law are back!

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Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) and James Payton(Ice Cube) are going full throttle in Ride Along 2. The Ride Along sequel hits theaters Friday (January 15th) and I think it’s going to top the 2014 $134 million earnings. I had the opportunity to catch a special pre-screening of the movie in Charlotte, and let me tell you — I will definitely be paying to see it a second time. Before I tell you more about the film,
If you are still a bit indecisive or don’t trust my judgment — which is cool, I have four reasons why you should check it out. But no spoilers here.

1. Great Casting

Original cast members, Hart and Cube, are back as an awkward duo alongside Tika Sumpter. In Ride Along 2, the film creators also cast Olivia Munn, Ken Jeong, Benjamin Bratt and Tyrese Gibson.

Yes, ya’ll Mr. Sexual Chocolate himself is in the sequel.


Gibson plays Cube’s partner. His suave personality in this movie makes him even more sexy.

Olivia Munn plays Maya Cruz. She’s a detective for the Miami Police Department. Munn’s character reminds me of Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality. She’s all rough and tough around the edges, but underneath it all she’s a “whole lotta woman.” Could this be the perfect match for Cube’s character?

Now, whoever casts Jeong made the best decision ever! He turned on his corny, comical personality for this film! He made this movie ten times better especially alongside Hart! If you aren’t familiar with Jeong, you remember the Asian guy in The Hangover or Dr. Ken on the new ABC comedy. In this film, he plays A.J., a witness and hacker who helps the duo on their investigation.

Bratt is a veteran to the acting world. I remember him in Miss Congeniality playing charming, yet irresistible Eric Matthews. In Ride Along 2, he plays multi-millionaire and humanitarian Antonio Pope. In the public eye, he supports the local charities and major financial contributor to the Miami government. However, behind the scene, he is a kingpin drug lord. Hart, Cube, and Munn’s characters are trying to take him down. Of course, it’s no easy task.

2. Perfect for Date Night

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Ride Along 2 is the perfect combination for a date night. It has the action for the guys, the romance and sexy men for the girls, and the comedy for both. Without a doubt, this movie is an action movie, but it has several components which makes it appealing to a much wider audience. It caters to everyone (except children).

3. Welcome to Miami

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Raise your hands if you’ve been to Miami? Yeah, me neither. In the original, the film took place in Atlanta. This time, the brother-in-laws take a 9 hour trip to the deep south of Miami for some fun in the sun, bright cars, booze, and salsa! Crime in Atlanta is child’s play in comparison to what the guys are up against in the panhandle.

4. Ride Along 2 has more knockout comedy than the first.

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I promised to spoilers, so you’ll have to go see for yourself!

Check out the official trailer.

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