12 Real Life “Waiting to Exhale” Moments

Before there was Sex in the City and Girlfriends four women: Savannah, Bernadine, Gloria and Robin were Waiting to Exhale. Bad relationships, bad sex and good friends carrying inevitable luggage thrown at them in life. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Terry McMillan, the film directed by Forest Whitaker debuted on December 22, 1995 grossing just over $81 million around the world.

A perfect mix of class and sass with great on-screen chemistry, the cast Whitney Houston, Lela Rochon, Loretta Devine and Angela Bassett, have by far gone down in history with one of the must-see Black films.


And of course, the film wouldn’t be complete without its monster soundtrack.

Photo Credit: Giphy
Photo Credit: Giphy

Twitter served up a hefty dose of nostalgia, sharing memorable lines from the film.

Ironically, my mother wouldn’t let me watch the film because it was rated “R”..who knew I’d be living a bit of each character in my early 20’s. Check out 12 reactions from the film that can very easily apply to real life.

12. When you see a sale but direct deposit hasn’t hit yet.


11. How you want to respond when people argue #BlackLivesMatter.


10. When IG bae likes one of your photos.


9. Trolls stay mad, blowing up your mentions, but you not worried.


8. When you want to stay home and watch your DVR but your friends drag you out the house.



7. When Sallie Mae overdrafts your account.

Photo Credit: Giphy
Photo Credit: Giphy

6. When you just got finished killing a set of squats in the gym.


5. When your boss stay trying you.


4. What you wish you could do to his car, but you not trying to catch an arson charge


3. After you just watched a YouTube makeup tutorial and you’re all of a sudden an expert


2. When you realize you shouldn’t have answered the “hey stranger” DM.


1. When you realize you shouldn’t have answered the “hey big head” text.

Photo Credit: Giphy
Photo Credit: Giphy

No matter what life throws your way, turn on some old school music, call the girls and exhale.

Photo Credit: Giphy

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