The Sensation of Watching “How To Get Away With Murder” In Steve Harvey Gifs

Being an avid watcher of #TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) is not for the faint at heart. Shondaland writers make it a mission to destroy our emotions every with gripping storyline. Just when you think you’re okay with a wicked, murderous plot wrapped in salacious dialogue, you’re thrown for a loop each and every time. Unfair. Grey’s Anatomy is going strong, Scandal brings plenty of twists and turns to the table, but dear God, why is How to Get Away With Murder so deliciously vile and sinister? Our moral compass is steered to hell and back every Thursday with the most elaborate deception conjured up by such intelligent writers.

Here are a series of Steve Harvey gifs to describe season 2 of HTGAWM


Each time Annalise’s bloody body comes on the screen and not knowing who is responsible.


Finding out Bonnie killed Rebecca in cold blood.


Nate’s wife asking Annalise to kill her.


Not knowing if Oliver is going to make it.


When THIS happened.



Wes’ cold demeanor this season.


Every time that disrespectful prosecutor speaks.


Realizing Annalize has a (dead) husband, lesbian lover and boyfriend at the same damn time.


Nate telling Annalise no one will love her. stevecrying

Laurel and Frank getting it on nonstop.


Watching Annalise continuously lie in the courtroom, but you still celebrate her deceptive win.


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