I Don’t Want A #TLCIsGoingToJailParty, I Want My Album

UPDATE: T-Boz responded to the letter below.


Dear Tionne and Rozonda,

Baby, Baby, Baby. There’s Something I Wanna Know. Do we have a Case of the Fake People because these Kickstarter shenanigans are not Crazy, Sexy, Cool.

I suspected that things were a bit shaky after September came and went with no album as originally promised.

I even let it slide when ya’ll ignored my inquires about the status of the album. Then I got an email about the release date being Switched.


I ignored all the naysayers who said that our money was as good as gone when we donated to your cause, but like all the other fans, I was Diggin On yall. Now I feel  So Dumb like a Silly Ho after seeing Tionne’s Unpretty tweet. What About Your Fans? We Miss You So Much, but this behavior really makes us want to Shout and has Damaged our 20 year HiStory!

We’ve let you Take Our Time as we understand that the process of producing an album is complicated, and unwanted FanMail may make things even more stressful, but you could at least give us an explanation as to why this project was given the Red Light Special.

I guess This Is How It Works, ya’ll Ain’t To Proud To Beg for our funds, but when we Come On Down and ask where the album is at, ya’ll stand there with your Hands Up like you didn’t promise us new material?

The Girls Are Talking and we know it wasn’t Meant To Be like this. This is How It Should Be Done:Get It Up, stop being Good At Being Bad and making fans chase Waterfalls. Get on the Turntable and give us something On the TLC Tip, before Sumthin Wicked This Way Comes.

For the love of Lisa “Left Eye” Nicole Lopes, don’t be a Creep and give us a Quickie album. We need that Good Love, because Das Da Way We Like Em.

Love Always,

Your day one fan, @Shan_lyn


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