This Kid Singing Fetty Wap At A Fish Funeral Is Hilarious & Pitiful All At Once [VIDEO]

The most heartbreaking day in a child’s life is the harrowing lesson in the circle of life.

For 90’s Kids The Lesson Came Accompanied By Simba’s Heartbreak.

via Reddit
via Reddit

The casualty of the family pet goldfish is always a hard pill to swallow. A YouTube user posted a video of their sister, unable to bear the burden of burying (flushing) her goldfish, Nemo. While the child can’t deal, you hear an adult voice taunting her with an old-time Black funeral favorite, “Goin’ Up Yonder”. When it comes time to say the final goodbye, the grieving girl breaks out in song…Fetty Wap’s “679”. It was Nemo’s favorite.

Poor Kid.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Try to Control Your Laughter and/or Tears.

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