20 Years Later And I’m Still Obsessed With N’Sync

I’m 27 and still believe N’Sync will go on a reunion tour. My parents wouldn’t pay for me to see them in concert. Not once, but twice were my boys in my city and I was at the house salty. (First time on Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope tour and again on their solo No Strings Attached tour). Yet, they paid for my sister to see Michael Jackson when I was a baby.

Yeah, I’m still hurt.

thug tear

Ya’ll know my feelings were hurt when they popped out at the VMA’s in 2013.


Me at the house watching on FaceTime with my best friend. We cried. And screamed.

Me and @tyrra22 just cried watching #nsync

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My obsession is pretty cray.


So much so, that I requested N’Sync be played during my final appearance at my job.

I’m even listening to them now, becoming emotional.


Back before DVR, I recorded EVERY SINGLE APPEARANCE, PERFORMANCE and INTERVIEW. I have VHS tapes of it all. I used to get pissed at the fans that were actually there.

Their first huge concert televised on Disney. Yep, I watched and still have it on tape. (flipped my sh*t watching it then and now)

Yep, the good ‘ole days. I was there for Christmas too…on Disney.

And Fox.

I still cry when I watch this one.

This one too.

And get my life when this comes on.

But never liked this song.

Prehistoric cyber sex. I loved it.

N’Sync could do no wrong. Yet, I was pissed when they broke up. Seriously, why? I guess you can’t be in your 40’s dressed like 4 other guys.


Boyz II Men pulled it off.


Deep down, I knew JC (Joshua Scott Chasez) was the most talented.


But Justin Randal Timberlake would be the clear victor. Blonde hair in blue eyes will get you far in America.


For years, I thought I was the only black girl with this undying love. (as a minority in my town, I was)

Then I found my college best friends with the same melanin and devotion to the boys.

I Want You Back! #nsyncgreatesthits

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I had a birthday cake.

In honor of tomorrow… My birthday cake 14 years ago #90skid #nsync

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Just a piece of my #NSync memorabilia #90skid I am freaking out this morning!

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You name it, Tyler owns it. My mom is being a player hater trying to toss it.

So today I proudly wear my N’Sync t-shirt (I’m really not, because I don’t know where it is), paying homage to the boys who have caused this unnatural obsession. I would clear out my 401k account to pay for a final concert. Or whoever is looking for some change in a few years and can sing at my wedding.

Happy 20th Anniversary, boys. You’ll always have a piece of my childhood.


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