Simple Birthday Wishes

I normally say my birthday thank yous via a Facebook status, but this year I decided to create post a) for the clicks and b) I need new content this week. I think it is a big deal to simply type “Happy Birthday” on someone’s wall, in a text or even tweeting it because doing so actually requires some thought and effort. We are constantly in the hustle and bustle of our own lives that we overlook small things such as a birthday greeting. To give your attention to me when it is demanded elsewhere, makes me smile.

My 27th birthday was one of the best. I spent all day with my family at the beach.

No plans, just a go with the flow type day.

So what took me so long to get to birthday chill mode?

Photo Credit: Giphy
Photo Credit: Giphy

Age 21: According to Facebook I’ve been doing the most…sweat stains and all.



Age 22: Drinks and fellowship.



Age 23: Miami with strangers.



Age 24: Dinner with friends and my homemade Black Barbie cake.



Age 25: Exploring NYC.



Age 26: Lunch with mom.


Age 27: Sunrise with Christ.

I’m growing a great appreciation for┬ábirthday reflections and simplicity.

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