#FirstDayofSchool: A Trend I Can’t Participate In

“Look at my baby, all grown and stuff ready for the first day of school.”

Tyler's Kid
Tyler’s Kid

Yes, you’re staring at my invisible son/daughter. Take your pick. Year after year my friends on social media post photos of their children ready to head back to school after a long summer break.

My sister always sends photos of my nephews (Brandon, 8th grade; Asheton, 2nd grade) on their first day to keep me in the loop.

I get a little misty eyed because I can’t believe the little people that used to pee on me during diaper changes are now individuals, slowly laying the foundation for their roles in society. I legit called my sister this morning sobbing because my eldest nephew is going to high school next year. I don’t know if I fear the bullies, him having to drive on dangerous highways or experiencing his first heartbreak is what scares me the most.

For the first time today, I actually reconsidered motherhood. All of the heartache my mother warned me about in regards to parenting surfaced. While having children provides countless celebrations and sweet memories I am NOT ready for it. As my mother also says, “Having a baby is more than just a notion. They are work and you better think hard before having one.”

Well, I think I’ll continue working hard on myself before exploring motherhood. Until then, I will enjoy memories of my own first day of school.

Tyler's First Day of 1st Grade 1994
Tyler’s First Day 1995

To my readers, who happen to be parents, I salute your dedication.

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