Meet Zion: The Youngest Dual Hand Transplant Recipient

Zion Harvey is the ultimate winner of show and tell. He will return to class with full activity of his hands, something he’s lived without most of his life. The eight-year-old lost his hands and feet at age two because of a serious infection. With the help of prosthetics, Zion has maneuvered to the best of his ability.

(Photo Credit: Matt Rourke/AP Photo)

At a press conference Tuesday, showing of his groundbreaking new hands, Zion addressed the crowd thanking his family for their support. The little guy proved he is wise beyond his years, leaving a mark in history as the first child ever to undergo this kind of procedure.

via ABC News

“Family means trust, hope, support and if you fall down they always catch you,” Zion said.

A team of doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are credited with the successful transplant after Zion spent 10 hours in surgery. Experts noted the associated risks with the procedure like Zion’s immune system potentially rejecting the tissue. Dr. Benjamin Chang, co-director of the Hand Transplantation Program says he is confident in Zion’s recovery as time will only tell.

“We’re waiting for him to regain the ability to feel,” explained Chang. “The nerves have to grow back from his own native nerves into the transplanted hands…It will grow about an inch a month. It’s going to be six months before he gains feeling in the hands.”


We all can take cues from Zion’s faith and strength at such a young age. These are the kinds of stories that need to be shared each and everyday.

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