The Discomfort of Watching “Being Mary Jane” with My Mom

Tuesday nights are on fire in my life! I usually have a glass of wine, my laptop to live tweet, a blanket and my thinking cap on ready for a new episode of “Being Mary Jane”. The riveting BET series is on a roll this season with more pressing issues concerning women of color, race relations, self-discovery and less to do with Mary Jane’s sex life than past episodes. While I do love steamy romance scenes, I also enjoy stimulating TV that falls in line with what’s really going on with my generation. Nonetheless, I support Gabrielle Union and her portrayal of Mary Jane. Most nights, her character is telling my story that I don’t always share with my mother.


Now that we are inching closer to the 2-hour season finale, and the good stuff is just starting to pop off, why did I make the decision to watch this week’s episode with my mom? I mean we’re both adults. We just don’t talk about “it”. You know, what happens traditionally in bedrooms between two lovers. Yes, I am 26 years old and we don’t cross that line. Somethings remain unsaid..until last night.

The opening scene with the lengthy foreplay… mom cut her eyes at me the entire time from the other side of the couch.

My parents aren’t drinkers therefore I had nothing to gulp down or keep me calm for the next 60 minutes.
Back to the show. Once MJ and her “unnamed male companion” began to really “get it on” mom looks over at me and makes an uncomfortable statement that I could only express via Twitter.

To make my answer simplistic, I refer her to the #CuttyBuddyGrrrl in  the top right corner of the screen.

Then this quote flashed on the screen..

Mom embarks on a quiz to test me about my knowledge of Margaret Thatcher. Yes, she gave me history lesson in the middle of my favorite show.
(Note: All this happened within 3 minutes)
We are silent for a few moments until MJ began to discuss Sheldon’s past.
Then came talk about what kind of work Sheldon puts in sexually. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe they used “orgasm” in a sentence and that’s when I frantically began to type on my computer. I was mature and kept my chill until my dad walked into the room.

While he made a snack, I flipped the channel.

He finally left the room and thankfully I only missed two minutes of the show and a commercial break. 
The rest of the show was great especially when Mary Jane had to chop down a pompous white guest during an interview. The look on mine and mom’s face when MJ said the woman was similar to an “ugly black woman”.
Interestingly enough, my mother and I had an honest post-show conversation about challenges presented in the workplace, not just for strong-minded women but black strong-minded women. For us to be three decades apart her experience hasn’t been far too contrasting from my own. Thanks MJ for sparking open dialogue between mom and me with a side of awkwardness. 

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