That’s My Jam Thursday: Dreamlover

I will never forget the first time that I saw Mariah Carey; she was absolutely breathtaking in 1992. My Ma (nana) was flipping through the channels and I caught a glimpse of people running through fields on MTV and I remember saying “Stop! Turn it back!”. And there Mariah was, so carefree!
Ma was in her 70’s and had no preference about what channel we watched unless it was Matlock or In the Heat of the Night, so she didn’t mind a little music video. I literally just sat there and watched, taking in every moment. Remember the time when people had talent and didn’t need the special effects to wow you? Yeah, I was amazed at her beautiful voice and easygoing spirit. That is what continues to move me about an amazing artist. As crazy as it sounds, I said to Ma “I want to be like her”.

Early on I knew I was no dancer and couldn’t sing a lick, so it wasn’t Mariah’s musical abilities. I couldn’t explain it, but I just wanted to be free and live life without constraints. What did a 4-year-old know about liberty? Not much, I just wanted the power to do what Tyler wanted to do, just as Mariah did outside in the beautiful scenery with the dancers.

And that’s exactly how I’ve spent the majority of my life…mellow and untroubled by my surroundings. Just soaking up the scenery while I’m here.

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