It Pays to Google Yourself

What a pretty neat throwback to come across on this Thursday! Last year, I spoke at my alma mater Winthrop University at a cultural event with 50+ students. That was a huge number for someone who has a humongous fear of public speaking. Those who know me would say that this is a false statement but I get rather terrified when having to facilitate events. Next weekend I have an even greater event to host and I actually feel more comfortable now that I am reflecting on this past experience.

Despite my nerves, it is rather refreshing to see new faces actually there to hear what I have to say. Imagine: a room full of people eager to hear my story. One year later, I am still nervous but have a renewed confidence in knowing that I am strong enough to continue knocking down old fears. Searching for myself on Google and finding this tweet is a reminder of my strength. Seeing yourself from someone else’s lens can bring on so much clarity.

Next week is going to be awesome. Now, what to wear?

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