New Year, New Me = Bipolar Talk

Happy New Year to all of you. And I do mean *all* of you. You know, those of you who are resolving to be a “new and improved me” for 2014. That sounds kind of scary especially coming from those who repeatedly make the same resolution each and every year. I get the premise behind the idea but that sounds like the making of split personalities.

So should I reintroduce myself? “Hi I’m Tyler. The same one from 2013.”

I tend to NOT make New Year’s resolutions. That’s because, truth be told, I break them by noon of January 1st. I will admit that I had a slight Diet Coke addiction that needed to be broken in 2012, so I began New Year’s Eve vowing to not chug a soda all year long. Three-hundred and 65 days later, I can successfully say that I did not consume any type of soda in 2013. Today, I had no desire to do just that.

I guess with a little restraint and willpower, it is possible to keep a resolution.

2014 comes no different. I plan to rollover the good habits that I picked up in 2013 (increase my conversations with the lord, get more rest, ignore nonsense, listen more, and fully enjoy my 20’s). I am starting to sound like a broken record but simply we cannot wait until a new year to fine tune ourselves. Each day that we are given new grace and mercy is the opportunity to do better than before. Live life on full and plant seeds of greatness with every breaking moment.

“Be the greatest you that you can be. That’s the one thing that no one can ever beat you at doing.” – a quote from a sermon that I heard 2 weeks ago.

Good day, I mean year.

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