Age — Who Says You’re Too Old?

“I never thought in my life that I would be here and the only reason is that because I almost gave up on myself and I just wanna let you guys know: no matter what you wanna be, no matter who you wanna be, don’t give up on you. It is possible. I’m 36 years old and I’m proud of it. And I don’t give a damn if I was 56, SHE was not finna stop. Point blank and the period.” –Tamar Braxton
Hearing these words during the 2013 Soul Train Music Awardsare just what the doctor ordered. I am an official Tamartian from the woman herself and proud to see her journey to excellence finally payoff. Moving from the background to the main attraction seems to be a humbling experience. Watching Tamar accept the “Best Female Artist” award made me tear up and reflect on my own goals in life.
It’s unclear if I am experiencing a quarter life crisis, being overly emotional or jumping the gun. On my 25th birthday, back in August, I began to feel unfulfilled with the current speed of life. While I am utilizing my undergraduate degree and creating the path for a successful career, I can’t help but to wonder, “Are you going at this thing the right way?”.
My close friends are married or establishing their families while my days are spent praying not to become a spinster. I am thankful for my solitude because I have no patience to chase children around or make sure my husband is fed. The issue at hand is determining if I will fulfill my deepest passions before settling down and staying put. My commitment issues can take up another blog post by itself.
Moving right along..
Outside of a family, my other peers are behind successful startup companies, budding entrepreneurial ventures and furthering their education.My invincible 20’s are halfway over, however the first 5 years have not been totally in vain. I’ve made several wise decisions and several not so wise decisions. In the end, they’ll all make for good stories for the grandkids.
As I write this, I have drawn the conclusion that time has indeed been on my side. I’ve become a slight workaholic as I craft my skills and cultivate new talents to market myself as a serious writer/producer. My shows are pretty impressive if I say so myself. Even if I wanted to get married tomorrow, I’d have to divorce my career to do so and that my friends won’t be happening anytime soon. It’s the little things that I do every day in my 20’s that are going to position me to reap the rewards later in life.
Apparently I am in good company.
J.K. Rowling was 32 when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published.
Oprah had the highest rated talk show by 30.
Phylicia Rashad captured the hearts of America at 35 as Claire Huxtable on “The Cosby Show”.

Lucille Ball made us all say “I Love Lucy” in her 40’s.
Vera Wang even became an extraordinary wedding gown designer in her fearless 40’s.
Julia Child’s culinary curiosity turned her into a household name by the time she was 50.
Age is truly nothing but a number and can’t keep a good woman down. Big thanks to Tamar for helping me realize this at such a pivotal moment in life.

Thankfully my life is wrapped tightly in the arms of a higher power. God knows my passions in life and putting my trust only in him will get me there. Slow and steady always wins this race. The race consists of me, myself and I. Becoming the best Tyler I can be is waiting at the finish line, the rest will fall into place along the way. 
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