2017 Almost Took Me Out…But God

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Here is actual footage of my 2017: Whew. Where do I begin? I've worked on this blog post for three days pondering on how depressing and pessimistic I want it to be. I shed a few tears writing the first draft, then closed my laptop. Then on day two, I returned only

I’ve Lost Everything But Weight This Year

Exclusive image of me counting the number of losses I've taken in 2017. While everyone else stumbled out of 2016 like Tina did in that epic scene from What's Love Got to Do With It after laying the smackdown on Ike, I was certain that the New Year would bring a series of

That Time I Was Escorted Out of Maya Angelou’s Funeral

Photo Credit: Wake Forest University Office of Creative Services As I type, I just released the biggest sigh of my life. My blog is my diary in which I allow readers to delve into my innermost thoughts. I can't hide from my truth. Life experiences often weigh me down with a spirit of

My Greatest Personal Sin Caught Up with Me

Last Wednesday, I woke up refreshed and in a strange, overly chipper mood. It wasn't the restful 10-hour slumber from the night before or the PayPal notifications chirping on my phone, signaling that my clients had paid their invoices. On this morning, I was happy just to be happy. I'm

The Best Coping Mechanism When Life Gets Overwhelming

In case you haven't noticed, I disappeared from all social media platforms for over a month. Not for any form of attention, but to take care of my mental health. At the start of March, life had gotten to an overwhelming point. From an ailing family member, being on the road