That Time I Was Escorted Out of Maya Angelou’s Funeral

Photo Credit: Wake Forest University Office of Creative Services As I type, I just released the biggest sigh of my life. My blog is my diary in which I allow readers to delve into my innermost thoughts. I can't hide from my truth. Life experiences often weigh me down with a spirit of

My Greatest Personal Sin Caught Up with Me

Last Wednesday, I woke up refreshed and in a strange, overly chipper mood. It wasn't the restful 10-hour slumber from the night before or the PayPal notifications chirping on my phone, signaling that my clients had paid their invoices. On this morning, I was happy just to be happy. I'm

The Best Coping Mechanism When Life Gets Overwhelming

In case you haven't noticed, I disappeared from all social media platforms for over a month. Not for any form of attention, but to take care of my mental health. At the start of March, life had gotten to an overwhelming point. From an ailing family member, being on the road

Clutched Ovaries: Am I Selling Out My Eggs?

Disclaimer: Tyler is not pregnant. Sorry, I let you down. Check the byline and enjoy this story by Nontombe! My best friend just had a baby and I'm her godmother. Congratulations to me! Now is the time when I try to prepare myself to be in a child's life as more than just

Get You a Friend Like Blue Ivy’s Friend

Photo: CBS Blue Ivy is a legend in her own right. In the womb, the universe proclaimed that she would never struggle to make a student loan payment, take public transportation or work for free. You know this modern day phenomenon when companies think it's cute to work millennials to the bone